who Looked Up and saw the empty sky

To photograph throughout South Africa and to center the attention on life in the new democratic country. The people in the midst of this era of social metamorphosis and the effect it has on them. On city people, township people, country people.

This was not a carefully planned trip but the spontaneous record of a South African discovering his country. After eleven years of absence, I needed to rediscover it for myself with the objectivity of a prolonged separation yet allowing for the intimacy of an insider.

Across the country I have photographed wanting to portray South Africans as they live, their dreams and realism. The look of their cities, their towns and highways. The photographing of South Africa is a large order, read at all literally the phrase would be an absurdity. What I wanted was the observation and record of what freedom has brought to the country, of the past fifteen years and the transformation they have brought upon its society. I speak of the things easily found, not easily selected and interpreted. The daily mundanity, the dream of deliverance, the man who owns three cars and the man who owns none, parking lots, classrooms, backyards.

All photographs taken during a two month journey throughout South Africa in late 2009.